Simply beautiful lawn. With the original RISISANI® Rasenrakel. Made in Germany since 2020.

The No. 1 Levelrake made in Germany: RASENRAKEL

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Why sand the

The problem:

The more your lawn is used, the more the soil is compacted. This happens quite automatically over the years, but also already during the construction of a new house by heavy machinery. Unevenness, waterlogging, moss formation and weak lawn growth due to too firm soil and too little oxygen to the roots are the result.


Sanding the lawn. What has been contributing to a dense and lush green on soccer fields and golf courses for many years has also long been a must for professionals in the home garden: sanding the lawn. Sand not only smoothes out unevenness, but also loosens the soil, providing natural drainage and more oxygen.

The result is not only a very level, but also a strong, healthy and rich green lawn like on the golf course!

The Rasenrakel

The No. 1 leveling rake made in Germany by RISISANI® since 2020.

RISISANI® Premium Rasenrakel in stainless steel

Extremely durable
All models are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and are therefore absolutely rustproof

Rounded outer edges and seamless underside to avoid damaging the lawn

Maximum compatibility
Alternatively, adapters for Wolf, Gardena and Fiskars handles available

Made in Germany
Since 2020, the original Rasenrakel has been manufactured in premium quality in Germany

Perfect handling
Suitable for every use: Available in sizes L (80 cm), XL (120 cm) or XXL (160 cm).

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About us

Welcome to RISISANI®.

What sounds like an Italian fashion label is actually the abbreviation of our first names. Because we are a small family business that consists of a female and male boss, as well as a junior female and male boss.

We attach great importance to the fact that the Rasenrakel is not only manufactured in Germany, but also that all accessories come directly from the region. From the smallest screw to the packaging, we try not only to protect the environment with very short distances, but also to support regional partners.

You can read more about us and about the creation of the Rasenrakel on the "About us" page.

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